Friday, July 25, 2008

long time, no blog

wow... couple of weeks already. ok, so what's been going on...

i finished the sweater for the yarn company. can't show it, because they haven't had their sample show yet. didn't take pictures, anyway, since it was a top secret project. but they're paying me in yarn, which is pretty cool.

speaking of which, i need to stop buying any yarn.... LOL, it's getting a bit embarrassing... i have more yarn than i can knit up in a handful of years... so stash busting, here i come.

my anniversary KAL is coming along - just finished row 66 of 96 for the 4th clue. then just have to do the edging... that's going to take me ages. it's too big to be able to spread out, so the next picture i'll be able to post will be when it's blocking, or fully blocked. it's gorgeous. i love malabrigo. it feels so nice to work with, and the colors are amazing... i have blue, and green/white.... oh, and purple white that i traded for.

then there's my ene's scarf.... now that i have that one under control, i'm really enjoying working on it, even though i keep putting it aside for other things, like the sweater, and the KAL. but i finished the first repeat of chart 3, and the rows get a little shorter each row, which means it'll go faster and faster, once i get back onto it.

someone came up with a chart to calculate how far along i am on the round shawl - i'm just barely at the 64% mark, but i'm there. ene, i'm at the 55% mark, as shown by this cool chart someone else came up with, to calculate how much you've done on triangular shawls - and that one works out by how many rows in the total pattern, and if it's top down or point up. very cool.

my son is getting braces. he needs them BIG TIME. i juggled the budget for a while, and worked out how i can do it. i'm sort of proud of that. and he's so excited, because his bite is the one thing he's really self conscious about. so yay for braces.

and that's all - i have a seriously huge project going on at work, going to single handedly rearchitect 16 websites... really cool stuff.... it's nice to be appreciated.

and that's all the news that's fit to print for now. back when i actually have some pictures to show off!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

too cute

my niece and my son and a very large hamburger


Friday, July 4, 2008

progress, of a sort

Ok, so this week has been a bit hectic - great big project at work that I'm in charge of - it's the work I love to do, but this is gonna be HUGE!

on the knitting front.... i ended up frogging casablanca - just wasn't feeling the love.

i finished chart 2 of the ene's scarf, but that's mostly been sitting this week,

i finished clue 3 of the goddess knits KAL - i'm loving this one, love the feel of the malabrigo, though i'd like to not have to tink as much!

and the sweater - i finally got the back done, the front done, and have rejoined the 2 pieces to work some 5" or so on the shoulder, then I can bind off 2/3 of the stitches and just have the sleeve again - this sweater absolutely positively has to have a chart to keep track of rows, increases and decreases, or it's a disaster - good thing i'm methodical that way. no pictures, though, because i think the owner wants it all on the QT. I just hope they like it!