Friday, May 4, 2012

2 down, how many more to go?


the magic words every cancer patient wants to hear.

'no evidence of disease'

means i can breath for another 3 months.

also means i'm at the point where, now that the treatments are essentially done (except for the clinical trial) that it's time to crash and burn for a month or so.

everyone tells me this is normal.

we'll see what happens.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time Flies

When you run from one doctor appointment to the next!

I'm almost done. seriously. chemo - done. radiation - done.

all that's left are the clinical trials... 5/3, and then every 3 weeks until November sometime.........

and the scans. every 3 months, either a CT scan with contrast dye, or x-rays.

see, i'm allergic to the contrast dye.

so today, i'm bright red from the hives.......

but it's ok, it's better than having cancer.

now of course, if the scan comes back that i still have cancer, i'm gonna be pretty unhappy!

on other news...... my son graduates high school in 39 days, and my daughter finishes her 3rd year of college in 2 weeks.

and i'm knitting. right now, a pair of socks. after that.... probably another pair of socks!

and i've been pretty good about not buying yarn this year.

but lois and erin got me yarn for my birthday. first birthday A.C. (after cancer)

so........ what shall we talk about now?