Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Benefit in our Honor - post event

i am still speechless. i am still buzzing on the adrenaline from yesterday.

yesterday was the actual event. one of 'my' publications (one of of the ones i manage when i' m at work) came up with the idea to take their annual chili cook-off, and make it a benefit to help us out. once the idea was approved and floated, it seems as though it took on a life of its own!

Missy, one of the leads for the publication worked herself crazy, visiting local businesses for raffle prize donations. people that i have worked with made and donated raffle prizes as well. there were even a couple of silent auction type items. the company itself donated a day of PTO (personal time off) as a raffle prize. one of the EVPs (executive vice presidents) donated $50 cash as a prize. there were 2 tables of prizes!! one co-worker went to work on her sewing machine and donated a quilt, some wall hangings and table runners.

my daughter and i went up for the event, so that i could say hi to everyone, share hugs, stories and some laughter.

until the end, when they announced how much had been raised on our behalf. then we cried.

thank you, Cygnus Business Media, for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to help a fellow employee when they're having a struggle - you have made our life a bit easier, with a bit more breathing room for the next couple of months.

and, because we firmly believe in paying it forward, my daughter had picked 2 tags from an 'adopt a family for xmas' giving tree - the tags were for a 7 year old little boy, and he only wanted 2 things..... a bike, and soccer shoes.

he will be receiving both for xmas this year, with an included bike helmet. it seemed like the right thing to do.

so to all you cygnus folks, to missy, ronnie, sarah, erica, all the people who donated prizes (Kari, i'm looking at you), all the people who bought tickets (terri and erica made out like bandits!), we thank you.... from the bottom of our hearts.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Benefit in my Honor?

I'm a little speechless right now.

yesterday, i got an email from one of the publications that i manage(d) at my job before i went on medical leave. I really haven't heard from any of them in the nearly 3 months I've been out.

apparently, they had been talking about doing a benefit to help us out, and wanted to make sure i'm ok with it.

yeah, i'm ok with it. as i told her, we'll accept all offers of assistance, with our deep thanks. seriously, we're scraping along, but it's stressful - there are a lot of days that i seriously consider ignoring my doctor's advice, and toughing it out at work, living on meds, simply because we need the paycheck. and then i have to take more meds, and lay down for a bit, and know that it wouldn't work really well. so we scrape along.

an email was sent out to the entire company (as best i can tell), announcing the fund raiser. they're doing a chili cook-off.... so a bunch of people will cook chili, there will be prizes and raffles for the people there, and the money they raise (they're charging something like $5 a person to eat chili) will be sent to us.

i'm speechless. i'm so appreciative of what they're doing, i'm not sure they know how much it will help, but i do.

clearly, i work for the best company out there. CBM, I thank you!