Monday, February 10, 2014

Haven't been posting much...

It's been a rough time.

Based on the Brain MRI I had, there were 2 tiny mets.... so i had cyberknife to (hopefully) blow thing1 and thing2 to kingdom come. at least, we hope so.

i had a new CT last week, and should know this week if the Alimta is working or not.... of course, we hope it is, and I believe my onc has at least one plan in mind, in case it isn't... so we wait on that one.

and I had clearance to return to my job? yeah......... no. 13 days after I notified my company i had been cleared to return to work, they cited 'staff reductions' and eliminated my position. thanks, guys. just out of curiosity.... how do you sleep at night?

so here i am, waiting on scan results, and job seeking. because i was approved for SSDI, i am not eligible for unemployment compensation... so we're kind of screwed. hopefully, i find a new job quickly.

so i did my taxes... did them for the whole family, got all the federal returns e-filed, all the state returns mailed - i am NOT paying $20 a pop to e-file the state returns. not happening.

and i'm stressing. i truly did not anticipate my company taking away my job, as soon as i was cleared to return to work.

so that's how it is.... if you're a praying sort of person, and felt like sending up a prayer or two on our behalf, i'd welcome all the help i can get.

and thanks to kimmie, who apparently started up a card campaign.... my mailbox has been delivering card after card, which really helps me from getting totally depressed.

and the woman who hired me at my last job (who is now a VP) wrote up a most excellent letter of recommendation for me - makes me feel like i'm not some loser who deserved to lose their job. thank you, sharon!