Sunday, October 11, 2009

and once again, my blog sues me for support

It's been crazy - the work stuff, the home stuff, the kid going to college stuff, the kid who plays football stuff...

For daughter going to college, we made a sweater

and a market bag

I made some socks, that sort of looked like these

and these

and these

and a sweater for my stepmom for xmas, that's nearly done - just have to block the sleeves, seam it all up, and do the ribbing around the v-neck. i hope she likes it!

I also have some shawl work done - at leasts one shawl.... but i never got to taking some pictures........

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blocking 101, a Tutorial

I'm on Ravelry - in case you didn't know. Every time I see a post asking for instructions how to block out the knitting, I post the same tutorial.

Today, someone asked if I had this on line, so they could link to it - so here it is.


1. soak knitted shawl in cold water for 20-30 minutes. go raid your stash and plan your next project... you know you want to!
2. squeeze water out of soggy shawl - do not wring or twist, just squeeze and squeeze. change your mind on next project and look over at your stash.
3. lay big towel on the floor. chase away the cats. lay soggy shawl on towel, sort of spread out (no pulling). roll it up like a jellyroll.
4. step on one end of rolled up towel, and side step from one end to the other, so that you've stepped on all surfaces. now do it from the other end back to the beginning.
5. unroll towel, and take damp, soggy shawl out of it.
6. sling shawl over your shoulder, and go put away those piles of yarn on the spare bed (or whatever blocking surface you are using... i use the spare bed in my craft room, or my own bed (larger) if it's early in the day.
7. spread out damp shawl in the right shape. admire it. shoo the cats away. go find your pins (preferably rust free)
8. spread out one of the long ends (either the shoulder span on a triangle, or the long edge of rectangular). pin it out.
9. start pinning at the opposite end now - in a triangle, pull gently (or not so gently) on the bottom point until you like the size and how the lace looks, and pin it.
10. alternating sides, smooth out the shawl from center to edge, and pin the edges. if the edge has points, plan on using a pin for every point.
11. go take a break and go stash diving again.
12. in 1/2 hour or so, come back to the shawl, and start smoothing from the center - by now, you can probably remove the pins that are on the straight sides (no points), it'll pretty much keep it's shape and size. smooth from center to edges.
13. Check regularly (every hour or so) and admire. Do not dislocate shoulder by patting yourself on the back too vigorously.
14. go cast on some other project and come back in a couple of hours - it should be dry.
15. remove any remaining pins, grab your digital camera, and go outside (assuming it's daylight and not raining/snowing/sleeting) and take some artistic nature shots of shawl draped on fence, bush, or small child (as long as they're not eating something sticky)

ok, you're done.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

time flies

i have no idea what happened. I've been knitting. working. doing my usual lunatic single mom thing.

and lost 3 months, somehow!

so let's see. daughter is finishing high school, has applied to some colleges, and we're waiting to hear - she's already been accepted to one, so we know she's going to college - now, it's just a question of which one.

son is finishing up 9th grade. got his bottom braces on, so now when he talks, i see metal all over the place. i feel stupidly proud that i'm able to do this for him.... something that so many kids take for granted, to me, this is a big deal. his mouth will be gorgeous when we get done.... not to mention uber expensive. he better get a great job, and make a ton of money. he owes me.

job goes well - still working on the new websites, but at least now, people are finally giving me the content... i've done my job, they should please to do theirs, as well.

and knitting....... i've been knitting and knitting.......

so let's share, shall we?

the thing I'm most proud of - this v-neck. the pattern was in french. my friend perle translated it for me. i love this sweater!

I made a baby sweater for my assistant at work. actually, she hasn't assisted a whole lot, which is disappointing... but she IS having a baby.

I finished my mom's sweater in time for xmas...

and made some socks...

so i'm working on dickinson, which is sort of death by cables....
and i'll leave you all with this one.

death by yarn.