Sunday, October 12, 2008


ok, i know i've been MIA for a while. let's just say, on a personal level, things haven't gone too smoothly for a while now....

but i never give up hope that things will get better. they sort of have to, i think.

news on the family front - daughter is a senior in high school, and filling out college applications. her grades are mostly A's, which is lovely to see... and it'll help with the whole financial aid thing, we hope.

son is a freshman, plays football, and got braces over the summer. at his parent teacher conferences, all the teachers said how wonderful he is, and his lowest grade was a B+. mom is pleased.

on the knitting front...... let's see.

i finally finished the striped socks - yay me!

I traded, on ravelry, for a skein of the Noro Kureyon sock yarn, and made a shawl out of that:

Daughter and I went to the WI Sheep & Fiber festival, and I purchased some yummy cotton/rayon laceweight from Creatively Dyed - and I made a shawl out of that, as well:

let's see, what else...........
huh. did I show off my ene's scarf, made with bare laceweight that I dyed up myself? that came out pretty nicely too!

I'm still working on my mom's sweater - up to seaming all the parts into one sweater, then pick up the button band... hard to stay motivated on that one though, sorry mom!

and my newest project, started last monday, is a KAL for a shawl by a raveler named Pangea - it's a fingering weight, and i'm making it purple for son's football games (since I have 3 more years of football to go to)

I guess that's all for now - now I feel like i'm all caught up, and bored all of you with my knitting. i feel the need to cast on something new, since i finished my socks, and pangea doesn't release the next clue till tomorrow..... hmm, what to make, what to make? I bought some seacell laceweight, i think that one needs to be roadtested!


Samsara said...

Hi Amy! I wondered where you were! You have been busy! I love love love that rainbow shawl! It's really scrummy! Noro you say? We don't get that here :-( Everything you knit is so well made!

Kookie said...