Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Ok - so today, I had my follow up with the surgeon. I actually started working again this past Monday, but working from home - things like the nearly hour long drive each way are still problematic.

so according to my surgeon - my oxygen levels are at 97-98%, which is quite good. the incisions are healing nicely, which is also good. the remaining lobe of the lung has expanded to nearly the full size already, which is also good.

and there is this ring of metal clips, which are apparently to assist when i get to the radiation for the chest wall involvement.

so all in all, it's all good. he says i'm doing better than many patients at this point in the post-surgical timeline, and it's all good.

and unless i have any issues with the continued healing of the incisions (which can be affected by the chemo), he doesn't need to see me anymore.

next stop, oncologist on the 15th.

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Sharon T said...

Great news! Healing takes time, but sounds like you're on the right path. Take care!