Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Apparently it's been a long COUPLE of weeks!

Ok, so let's see. I'm now a certified web developer. Yay me!

I finished the knitting for the snowball's chance fingerless mitts, just need to do the duplicate stitching everywhere.

I still haven't finished off the wings - shame on me.

I'm working on a pirate's booty bag - I think I like it.

And now I have a 4 day weekend... happy thanksgiving, everyone.

what am i thankful for....... i'm thankful for the child that says "i love you mom" to me.

think i'll call my parents, and tell 'em i love 'em.


Laural said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cheryl Knits said...

Yay for certification! SO glad you're finished with it! NOW you can start something from Fitted Knits.. :) Happy Thanksgiving, Dulcinea!


Karan said...

Happy Turkey Day Amy : )