Saturday, January 19, 2008

it must have - it's 2 degrees below zero today

and that's the warmest it's been all day - it was 10 below when i woke up.

ok,so i can't blog about the big thing i'm making for the geezer swap, in case my recipient sees the blog - so no dropping secrets there!

i've put aside my widdershins socks for the moment, because i'm working on the big thing for the geezer swap (nope, still not telling... i'll blog it once she gets it) -

but on yahoo groups, there's another mystery KAL - i joined one a while ago, joined it in about week 4, and had no hopes of catching up - but i love the concept. here's the first part of the pattern. start knitting. no, you can't have a picture, and no, we're not going to tell you what it looks like. trust us. just knit. and each week, another clue came out. when it was done, i have to admit, i really liked it!

so now, there's "secret of the stole ii" - and the first clue came out yesterday, when i had to work all day, and then had to go to an appreciation dinner last night (though it's always nice to be appreciated)

so i got home around 9:30, and cast on. and did about 10 rows? something like that.... just finished it - the first clue that is... 54 rows. this is knit in knitpicks shadow in campfire colorway (1.99 on clearance, so i had bought 3 skeins)... and my amazing addi turbo size 4 circular needle that leah sent me for xmas!

next clue doesn't come out till next friday, so i guess i can go back to working on my one big thing for the geezer swap - tomorrow i think we get partners for the FOC swap, too.... better get busy!

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