Sunday, April 13, 2008

i don't do idle

so i had to start something new.

i had this fingering weight merino yarn that i dyed with koolaid, and it came out an awesome blue-green (that's blue raspberry and lime)

but what to do with it? It was only 440 yards, which wasn't enough for the tuscany.... aha, swallowtail shawl. says it uses 437 yards. i can do this. it looks like a fairly small shawl, but i can always block the heck out of it!

here's what it looks like with the beginning chart, and 3 repeats of the second chart... i'm really liking this one, and SO happy I finally figured out what to make with my koolaid yarn!

1 comment:

Laural said...

That yarn is awesome. It looks great as swallowtail.