Wednesday, April 9, 2008

huh - too much time gone by

now i know it's been a hectic, busy week. i haven't posted anything in all that time.

updates on the crafting - Benny the monbkey is done. i hope alie likes him. she apparently liked the purse with 'stuff' that i sent to be there ON her b'day... 5 year olds can't be expected to understand that i'm making this thing for your b'day but it isn't done yet.

on the mystery stole - i finished clue 2. still not sure i like *this* yarn with *this* pattern.... but i keep reminding myself that the handpainted merino, flower basket shawl worked out really well. so here's the end of clue 2, and clue 3 comes out today - 5 clues in total.

and i'm still working on tuscany - up to the 11th repeat, which i think is the original size, but i have more yarn, i'll keep going - i tend to like the shawls to be bigger. this one might be for my stepmom. depends on if it's done in time.

i guess that's all for now....

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Laural said...

Cutest monkey EVER!!