Saturday, May 24, 2008

wow, almost a month

ok, so let's see what's been going on....

on the needles, i have the french market bag, in icelandic lopi wool... i need to do about 4 more inches and then the handles.

i also have a lace shawl designed by sivia, that got stalled out, too.

because i was in sock wars. it was run less than efficiently, which is a pity, and even though i'm a fast knitter, i got killed off in the first salvo - it isn't how fast you are, it's how fast your assassin is. i had a fast assassin. but it was a ton of fun, and i made some new friends.

one of them, we met up today and did a raid on the yarn store in burlington...
check this out:

and this is us 3 dead warriors - Andrea, Gracie and me

and to my ex, if he should stumble across this? Thank you for sending that nonsense to my attorney - you saved me the trouble of it.

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dragonflyducky said...

wow! Nice haul! What a great yarn shop you have...and so nice to have people to there with!