Tuesday, May 27, 2008

teaching an old dog new tricks

this is so cool. i'm actually knitting socks, 2 at a time (no second sock syndrome), toe up (no toe seam to graft) on one circular needle! (magic loop).

and i can see this is going to be great... the shawl KAL that i've joined, it's a circular shawl, and instead of having to putz with DPNs and all that, i'll just do it magic circle. one needle, start to finish!

i ordered some malabrigo lace yarn last night - kind of peacock colors... and it was a couple of dollars (per skein) cheaper than webs. YAY!

pictures soon - i'm so happy with this whole 2 at a time thing, i may never knit socks the old way again!


1 comment:

BritnLind said...

Oh, two at a time. So brave. Looks good so far.