Sunday, June 8, 2008

clearing the needles

I'm getting there.

Karan got her socks, and apparently likes them - of course, i have no memory of what patten i used for the lace.... once of the ones from my book. LOL, i hope she posts a pictures so i can see what i did (i think it might have been the big diamonds)

finished the french market bag - it just needs to be felted. it'll be interesting to see how much smaller it gets, because right now, it's huge!

chocolate cherry socks... i'm FINALLY up to the final ribbing at the top of the cuff, and then they're done. i'm glad. i need to be able to work on something else..... but they're nearly done. my goal for today is to do laundry, felt the bag, and finish the socks.

then, all i have left on the needles is my poor, neglected shetland shawl...... i want to get back to that!

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