Sunday, June 1, 2008

past the heel and up the legs

that's where i am on the toe up socks. this is still pretty cool.

the book is frighteningly chatty - it takes like 17 PAGES to turn the heels, which is just insanity. once you get it, though, it's a pretty ingenious method - just plan on having a ton of small stitch markers (the no snag pony tail elastics work really well, just get the small ones)

so now, i'm on the leg part - i think the heels seem a little pointy, like i probably calculated too many short rows.... so i think i'll work out my own formula, and try that the next pair.

but i'm happy with these.... and yeah, i'll be glad when they're done - i feel the need to work on something different, which is warring with the need to finish these.

i need to learn to knit with my feet.

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