Saturday, December 17, 2011

cleaning binge

ok, so since the maids were here on thursday, friday i rented a rug doctor.

saturday, my son and i moved furniture, vacuumed (again) and rug doctor'd every room.

until the vacuum decided not to suck anymore. so we got a new one.

a dyson.

i like my vacuum cleaner!

and the rooms are nice and clean, and smell so nice and clean..

now i need son to move his mattress and box spring OFF of my bed so i can go to bed tonight.... cause otherwise, i'm sleeping on the couch, and i'm thinking that's not such a great thing.

but it's nice to have a really clean place, in time for having both my kids home for the holiday.

oh, and my son? got accepted into college today.

it's a good day.

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