Thursday, December 15, 2011

halfway done

this chemo went easier than most of the others. started on time, ended on time, only had to try once to get the IV started........

and then, after i got home, "the maids" (in menomonie falls) arrived.

five of them.

and courtesy of "cleaning for a reason" (.org if you're looking for them), they cleaned my apartment. dusted. vacuumed. kitchen, bathroom. they even went through all the open 12 packs, organized them, took out trash... they were the most lovely people i've met in a long time. (barring my knitting buddies who keep me going week by week)

this was a fabulous experience.

and they're coming back next month to do it again. every month for 4 months total.
i can't say it makes it worth getting cancer...... but boy, it makes it a little easier.

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