Monday, January 20, 2014

Missing the Comments

To anyone who has commented recently, I apologize - I haven't checked as much, and I missed the comments.

So here's where we are. We were not able to test any of the mutations, because there wasn't enough tissue. I don't know why it took them 2 weeks to decide this, but there it is.

I was cleared to return to work, though - so on February 6 (a couple more weeks), I return to the land of the productive, income earning folks. I'm looking forward to it!

In the meantime, we have a bunch of tune-up stuff to do - There are a couple of 'tiny' spots that we're going to zap with cyber-knife. This does not actually involve any knives. It's actually radiation, very targeted... so thing1 and thing2, which are 3mm and 4mm, respectively, are going to get blasted to kingdom come... a follow up with the new oncologist, another dose of the maintenance chemo (Alimta), and I should be good to go.

It'll be good to be working again... I've gotten some really nice emails from folks at work, who apparently want me back. And of course, having a full paycheck will help, too!

Things I've learned about the Social Security safety nets... once you are approved for SSDI (social security disability), they still pay nothing for 5 months. They want to be assured that you are truly disabled, and don't magically get better. Thanks, guys. Then, once you get SSDI, if it's over the approved limit, you lose your food stamps. Thanks, guys. AND!!! If you have long term disability from your employer? Read the fine print. Most policies provided by employers have a provision where they first deduct what you get in SSDI, before they pay anything.

Thanks, guys.

I'm thankful I'm better enough to return to work. Financially, we would never make it on SSDI alone.

So some tune-ups, some more knitting time, and then back to work! Hi-Ho!

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Lynne Shandley said...

Hi-ho indeed (which dwarf are you?). Good news, hope the cyber-knife does its job well - it is an amazing thing.