Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And the PET scan says.....

As a generality, there has been substantial improvement.

pretty much everything has improved... problem areas are no longer glowing, the number of spots is decreased....

ok, there are 2 spots that are not improved, but really? i was expecting this to be really depressing and awful. I haven't had any treatments in nearly 4 weeks.

so friday, i'll either start the next line chemo, something called Alimta, or i'll have tested positive for one of the mutations, and we'll do targeted treatment, instead.

either way, i'm ok with this - i'll have a month of the new treatment to keep things stable, and then can look at going back to work.

not a bad way to end this year, and start the new one!

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Lynne Shandley said...

Happy New Year! May the hot spots continue to either not progress or shrink further. Hope you have word about your genetic stuff.