Sunday, March 30, 2008

sundays are for sluggards

at least, i feel like a slug. of course, if i take a step back, i'm working on benny the monkey for alie, and need that done by around my b'day for her.

I'm working on a new mystery shawl, and finished clue 1 on friday (the clues come out on wednesdays).

i'm working on the tuscany shawl, and am pretty much back to where i was when i frogged the entire thing - at least this time, i'm not irritated by errors!

and then there was the felted bag. i think i liked it better with doubled worsted, instead of this bulky wool/mohair blend - this one feels a little shaggy... on the other hand, i won't worry if it gets shaggy cause it started out that way! but it's done! yay!


Samsara said...

The stole looks wonderful, I like the patterns on it. And I LOVE the bag, you did such a good job with it :-)

dragonflyducky said...

The bag looks great! : )