Monday, October 28, 2013

Halfway Through!

Friday was chemo #13 - if we assume the 6 months that my doctor said, then I'm halfway through.

another 2 chemos, and another scan - I'm still not on the tamoxifen, but we'll have that conversation after the next scan, again.

i took a look in a mirror this morning, at the back of my head... the balding is starting to get noticeable, says my daughter - and up till now, she's insisted it wasn't really noticeable... so i guess we're getting ever closer to the shaving. at this point, i'd be ok with it - mostly because i'm so aware of how thin my hair has gotten... i could tell in the shower yesterday, it feels like i have so little hair left. so... so i have pink scalp showing through, but still have hair, or do i pull the plug and finally just shave it off? i'm leaning towards shaving it off

it's getting colder and gloomier outside, but here inside, it still feels warm. we've received some additional assistance from some new areas, and that's one of those heartwarming things.... interestingly enough, i've called to ask for an intake appointment for TANF twice now, and they STILL haven't called me back. guess i'll call them again today, and if i need to, i'll go there in person - it's only down the road.

in the "it's always something" category, my son had a minor car accident last week. he's fine, no injuries... but his car had to be towed, and will need to be repaired. so daughter and i went up there and left him HER car... so he can get to his job up at college, she and i can share my car, and i just hope the damage isn't too bad.... we'll see.

it's always something, isn't it?

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Dorothy said...

Congratulations on the halfway mark. So glad to hear you're getting some assistance and I'm also happy your son is OK. Yes, it's Murphy's Law...always something. You sound better too...makes me happy. PS: I've mastered the mitered square,
now I think I can attack all those little skeins of leftover sock yarn. Take care...