Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 down - that's about 40%?

so Friday was chemo #10. so far, still hanging in there. i think i feel worse from the side-effects from the chemo than from the cancer. i guess that's actually a good thing.. means the chemo is keeping things stable at worst case, and still improving at best case.

my hair continues to thin, but not enough to shave it. so i've called the local (supposed to be really good) hair salon, and have an appointment to see if they can come up with a cut that helps... right now, it's SO thing, and just lays there. it's sort of depressing. but please... do not tell me to use all this product and stuff, because it isn't going to happen - i'm losing my hair, why on earth would i put a bunch of stuff on it?

aside from that, life goes on. have found some more sources for assistance, so continue to apply, and email, and call... we'll see how it goes.

i've been off work for nearly 2 months now... time flies when you're trying to sleep through the side effects, right?

and my kids seem to be doing reasonably well. daughter is doing well in her studies, and in her job. she seems happy, which is what we've fought for, for 15 years. my son is also doing well in his studies, and is looking into the air guard (like national guard, reserves) - for him, i think it would be a good thing, and the financial aspects (money for tuition, health care) are a big deal.

so that's life from the chemo cafe... hope you're all doing well, doing what makes you happy, and enjoying the day!

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