Monday, December 16, 2013

And now we wait

OK - so i was never tested for the mutations - so that testing is in the works, but takes 1-2 weeks to get results. if i'm positive for ALK or EGFR, there is a pill/chemo to use, and we'll do that locally.

at the same time, we're setting me up to go up to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN - about 4 hours drive, to meet with them for the PD-1 inhibitor trials. The oncologist i'm being transferred to thinks i'm a 'perfect' candidate for the trials, if i come up negative on both mutations.

so now, it's a matter of timing. the oncologists are setting me up to go to Mayo in about 2 weeks, which should put us just about past the results of the mutant testing - because we can always cancel Mayo if i come up positive as a mutant.

so now, we wait.

Mayo should be calling me today to set something up, and then i'll know if i need to stay there for more than the one day - in which case i'll have to make arrangements for someplace to stay.

pity i don't know anyone up there.... so we'll see what happens.

i'm kind of hoping for a mutant, simply for logistics.

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Lynne Shandley said...

Oh I hope you are a mutant! Waiting is the absolute pits - much worse than almost anything else except the news that the chemo isn't doing the job you want it to.