Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Oncologist

i just saw the new oncologist - my current one is retiring.

he laid out 4 options:

1. chemo once every 3 weeks, Alimta. I’m scheduled to start that next Friday, got my b-12 shot while i was there, filled the folic acid prescription and started taking that. if none of the mutations come up positive (we should know next week), then we proceed with the Alimta.

2 and 3 - there are 2 different clinical trials that i qualify for…. so depending on what happens in the next week with the mutations, and after 2 rounds of Alimta, if it isn’t working, we go for a clinical trial.

4 - the PD-1 inhibitors - still on the back burner.

and i’m ok with this. I have a PET scan tomorrow to establish a new baseline, and a brain MRI on Tuesday to check for any brain mets - and when i told him how nervous THAT made me, he made it clear that if they find any, they zap ‘em with gamma-knife.

so we move on. High protein, no carbs or sugars tonight, PET tomorrow morning.

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