Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Slogging through the days

i know, i haven't posted anything in days. not much to say, or report, i guess. the routine, the rhythm, is predictable. mondays, tuesdays, those are my lay low days. then i get back up, just in time to do it all again.

this week, chemo is on thursday - apparently, friday the 13th was a pretty busy day, and there were no time slots. go figure

i'm gratified that both of the kids are doing well in their college classes, so far - one less thing to stress over.

this keyboard is wonky - i knocked over a glass of red gatorade yesterday.. yup, all over the desk, the keyboard, my jeans.... i'm hoping it gets unwonky.... i do not want to have to spend money on a new one....

still waiting on SSDI... according to their online site, a decision has been made, and i'll be notified in the US Mail.... but it's been nearly a week. i have to assume that it was approved, and getting all the paperwork in place takes longer than the one page form letter that you've been denied. at least, that's what i think is happening.

tomorrow, i have an appointment for a holistic massage. i have no idea what that is, but the relaxation is good for you, lets your body heal.... so we'll see

i'm getting tired of knitting the 2 different blankets... might actually cast on something new, just to have something different to work on - i have a pattern for this shawl, it looks like it has feathers knitted into it... and i have the 2 yarns for it.... not sure if i want to cast that on, or something else.... i dunno. some days, it's easier to just go lay down, put on the tv, and let the background noise lull me back into sleep....

ah well.... yesterday was the 2-year mark from when i was first diagnosed.... so i've beaten a lot of odds... sometimes, hard to believe it's been 2 years of this already....

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Dorothy said...

I've been thinking about you all week, so glad to see your post.
I understand that feeling of wanting to cast on a new project.
I got a yarn order on Monday with some new patterns and I'm having a time of it keeping that at bay while I finish up my sweater. I'm crazy about Jill Vossberg's designs.
And Thursday is our 33rd wedding anniversary. (Now where did all that time go?) Fingers crossed your SSDI comes through approved SOON!