Friday, September 20, 2013

Stable and Improved

That's the official verdict, comparing yesterday's CT scan to the one 16 days earlier.

and that's a good thing! the plan was that if the chemo wasn't showing a marked improvement, my oncologist was going to add tamoxifen to the mix (take a pill daily for........ forever). right now, he's satisfied with the progress, so no tamoxifen for me. YAY!

so chemo 8 was today, and the only concerning thing was my potassium levels.... so i should kindly eat more bananas and tomatoes (and other high potassium foods), drink some gatorade instead of all water, and we'll take a look next week. if the levels aren't coming up, they'll add a supplement.

i'm ok with that.

so for now, that's what's going on. my hair is thin, my friend lois noticed that my part is much wider than it used to be... but no bald spots yet, so no shaving it all off yet... though i have to admit, it's a little unnerving to find my hairs everywhere... in my knitting, in my food, on my clothes, flying past my face and out the window when i'm driving in the car... and the amount that comes out in the shower. i must have a whole lot more hair than i realized, because i don't quite understand how i can be losing all this hair, and still have all this hair. it's all very strange.

happy friday.... we had good news today!

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