Monday, September 2, 2013


Is the CT scan that decides if the chemo is helping yet. I'm not really expecting it to, though i don't feel like i'm a whole lot sicker. i just don't feel a whole lot better... which, given the lovely side effects from chemo, isn't terribly surprising, i guess.

oh, and i'm allergic to the contrast dye they use... so we've already started the pre-meds, to try to combat the inevitable allergic reaction. it's such fun!

so tonight, a pill. wake up in the middle of the night, take another pill. tomorrow morning, more pills.... then scan me and let me go on my way.

well, i'm making progress on the blankets for the kids... THIS is the one for my daughter... it's all wool, and needs more special care, she'll know how to take care of it. THIS is the one for my son... it's sock yarn, on tiny needles, and will take an eon to finish (i'm about 1/3 done)... but it can be washed and dried, just like socks, so a better one for him!

i've been working pretty steadily on the sock yarn blanket, by my calculations, i have about 450 squares done, which is 22 rows... and i anticipate the blanket will be about 65 rows when it's done.

and i have to keep vacuuming... my hairs are everywhere! but no bald spots yet, so no shave yet. we'll see.... i do NOT want to be one of those old women who's hair is so thin you can see scalp... i'll shave it!


Dorothy said...

Thinking of you today - hoping you get good news! I'm still awestruck by your beautiful work, especially the patience it takes to make those gorgeous blankets. They are inspiring!!!!
(Perhaps I'll revisit the directions on attaching the squares.)

Lynne Shandley said...

I hope you get some good news from your CT scan.
Cancer sucks.

Dulcinea said...

Thank you, Dorothy and Lynne.... yes, cancer sucks, and the news today was encouraging, and I'll keep knitting (when i'm not laying on the couch, trying to sleep through the worst of the side effects)... thank you for sharing my journey with me.