Sunday, September 1, 2013

And another round....

Friday was round #5 (we THINK that's about 20%).... and it's sort of a predictable routine by now. the chemo is very hard on the stomach, despite the pre-treatments... so friday nights are stomach achy, and not much fun.

saturdays are generally pretty good - the steroids are still in my system, so i feel pretty ok, and have some energy.... which was a good thing, because yesterday my little boy (all 6 foot of him) moved back to college for his sophomore year... and at least i felt well enough to drive up, oversee the moving in of all of his stuff, check out his suite... he's sharing with 3 other boys, all of whom I know from his high school football days.... i think they're going to have a blast this year!

and, like all parents, we had to go to get groceries.... each boy has their own pantry, which has a lock, though they all opted to keep them unlocked.... and by the time we left to come home, his food was put away, they had the biggest pizza in the store to make for dinner, enough to feed all four..... and then we came home.

even though he was always on the run, and came home long enough to sleep, eat, or ask for money, it's still very strange to have him gone...

I don't know what i would do without my daughter! she's home with me, will be doing school on line, is working, AND helps make sure that i'm ok.... and she keeps me company. she knits with me, she talks to me, she makes me smile... next week is her birthday, and she's going to be away... her boyfriend has cooked something up for her birthday, along with some of her friends... and it's been a really long time since she felt herself well enough to enjoy this kind of birthday.. so while i won't have her with ME for her birthday, i'm so glad she will have thie... she deserves it so much!

this coming week, i have a CT scan, then a follow up with my oncologist... and he'll decide if he's adding tamoxifen... aside from being more tired, and generally feeling crappy from sunday afternoon through wednesday, i don't really feel a whole lot different... oh yeah, and the hair continues to shed. every where i look, i see my hair... GAH!

so much of this is just a waiting game... waiting for appointments, waiting for my hair to fall out, waiting to get better.... waiting to NOT get better.... just waiting. so i knit. and read. and try to figure out what i can eat that will settle my stomach. and drink more water, to protect the kidneys. and don't forget my supplements. and l-glutamine.

yeah... but i think they help. many of the usual side effects, i seem to be avoiding, at least for now. all my bloodwork comes back fairly strong, so chemo doesn't get delayed. no numbness or tingling in my fingers or toes, so the glutamine is helping.

i'll take anything that helps!

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