Saturday, October 27, 2007

And glad I am that it was the last day of football

No season is complete without an injury (or 3)

first, there was the sprained ankle. ok, i can handle that.

then, there was the concussion. ok, it wasn't a bad one, i can handle that.

today, last game...... sprained AC joint in the shoulder (did you know the shoulder had an AC joint?)

the bad news is....... well, there really isn't any. he'll have to wear a sling, and no phy ed for a week or so......

the doctor was cute :-)

and i got another 14 rows done on the fingerless mitts, to go with the 14 rows i got done before the game started.

so it's all ok........

i'm also working on the shrug - but that's getting too big to take along anywhere..... so the mitts travel, and the shrug stays home. and they'll both get done.

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