Friday, October 26, 2007

Mystery Shawl 3

Over the summer, there was a yahoo group for a mystery shawl 3. I love the concept. here's a chart. start knitting.

next week. here's the next chart. keep knitting.

had no idea what i was making, or what it would look like. I was knitting with yarn from 2 cones of (probably) weaving yarn - pretty thin, definitely acrylic, and massively cheap from a rummage sale. I thought i'd be able to use up these cones, using the 2 strands together.

i thought wrong.

honest... i think every night, the yarn regenerated, because there's no sign that i used them at all. they're still just as full as when i started.

the shawl is pretty big - it's got to be about 6 feet long, and depending on how you spread it out, between 2 and 3 feet wide. i like it.

i like it even better draped across the shoulders of the long leather coat i bought from salvation army for a steal at $22.50!

but here's the shawl, because it makes my friend kerstin happy - she's been wanting to see it!


dragonflyducky said...

wow! That's amazing! That one side looks like a bird's wing...must be really pretty draped over your jacket.

Dulcinea said...

yep. the theme was swan lake, and i'm not sure what the whole rest of the shawl is supposed to be, swan-wise, but that last piece is the swan's wing!