Friday, October 26, 2007

On the needles....... and off

I'm still knitting away - let's see - purple wings for Alie Elan ( Allete pattern)....... Tempest Shrug ( tempest pattern)..... and snowball's chance in hell fingerless mitts for leah...... anticraft, maybe? (huh, i don't remember where they're from)

Ah well... i have a huge list of things to make after these....

2. unbiased silk sari yarn purse

3. lady eleanor stole

5. puffy sleeve pirate jacket from knit.1

6. striped cardigan from

7. calorimetry from handspun yarn I got in a swap

9. socks. i have sock yarn, but socks scare me. i WILL make a pair of socks!

10. lace shawls - I have the wool to make like.... 5 shawls? just need to find the right pattern for each of them!

11. heere be dragone shawl - this one's so special, it needed its own mention

12. felted flowered bag

13. the 400 year blanket (started it 400 years ago, it still needs to be finished!)

17. non-lace shawl with the handpainted wool I got at the knitters guild marketplace (starting it tomorrow when i get out of the house and go to the knitters group that meets weekly!)

And these are the ones that are finally finished - this can be my record of what i'm doing... because i ended up with a copious amount of yarn just begging to be made into stuff!

1. beachcomber tunic from interweave crochet for a friend -- DONE!!

4. mystery stole 3 (started, set aside for the tunic #1) -- DONE!!!! (pictures to be posted eventually, i'm just glad it's done)

14. felted hedgehog for my niece - purple, as this seems to be the only color in her spectrum

16. transformers toque for a friend's hubby for xmas - commissioned project - DONE -

A. totally NOT knitted - made a batch of peppermint soap (cold process) today - my whole apartment smells minty!

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Leah said...

I love you! And my snowballs chance in hell arm warmers love you too! WOO!