Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Being a knitting needle addict

I'm amazed how many knitting needles i have! ok, the DPNs, i counted individual needles, so a set is either 4 or 5... but some sizes, i have 17??

well....... all i have left are my circs now... i've done the long needles, the dpns, and the crochet hooks.... had a bit of trouble till i could find my needle gauge.... all needles should have what size they are engraved on them!!

speaking of which.... signatureneedlearts.com - they custom make knitting needles. you can pick the size, the length, 3 different points, and 3 different end caps.. then they engrave the size, the length and point into the side of the needle. i love those needles. the price scares me a little bit... but seriously, if i was going to treat myself, i can see buying 1 pair in the size i use most often...... once i figure out what size i use most often, that it.

still working on the shrug - i've got 3" of the 6" of ribbing..... i was so worried that i wouldn't have enough yarn, it looks like i'll actually have some left over - not sure if it'll be enough to actually make something (i'm thinking calorimetry or something similar?)

we'll see.... i still have to finish alie's wings too - got the wire, just need to sit down and do it - but first, i really want to finish this shrug. i make so many things for so many other people, i need to have made something for me. the shrug is it.

i guess.

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