Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last day of football

my son plays youth football - 8th grade. today's the last game. on the one hand, i'm glad i don't have to run to practices, run to games, and wash uniforms 3 times to try to get them clean (with varying success).

On the other hand, i'll be sad to see the end of football. i really like being a football mom! for the past 3 years, i've acted as unofficial team photographer, and at the end of the season, i go through all the pictures (plus the pictures for the other 8th grade team), and put together a DVD slideshow/movie, complete with background music.

I have over 5000 pictures. this is going to take a while.

so for this morning, i'm grafting the 2 main pieces of the tempest shrug, so i can pick up 532 stitches (!!!) and do the ribbing. then it's done.

i like finishing things, which is pretty funny since, as a kid, i was the queen of unfinished projects. and the shrug is actually for me!

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