Sunday, December 9, 2007

... but I'm not a total slug

I've been procrastinating outrageously on the duplicate stitch for these mitts - and I promised them to Leah like....... a year ago? LOL, so then I promised them for xmas.

and I'm trying really really hard to finish up everything i need done for xmas, just in case the shoulder is rotator cuff and needs surgical intervention.

so i just finished the duplicate stitchery on the first of the 2 mitts....

YAY me!!

Update - 6:30 pm - they're done!! I finished the charting on the second mitt, and they're DONE!!


xladyluckx said...

I LOOOOOOVE them!! Thank you sooooo much! Gorgeous!

Karan said...

Procrastination in the extreme huh?! LOL they look great finished though