Sunday, December 16, 2007

so what do i do now?

i finished the pirate bag. it's in the washer, hopefully felting nicely - i'll pull and stretch it, then throw it in the dryer, and post pictures when it's done.

so what do i work on now? LOL, i've been jamming on xmas presents so much, i don't know... probably the shawl i've been poking at - that's the only thing on the needles right now....

all my packages that needed to be mailed out went out yesterday - i actually feel organized, and not terribly stressed this xmas - granted, i kept it low key, but i always have to do that anyway - life just doesn't permit extravegant holidays.

son was easy - he wanted one big thing. ok, done. daughter said this pirate bag was the only thing she wanted....

parents are done. brothers are done. niece is done. best friend is done. there are a couple of other really good supportive friends i want to 'do' for, but that'll wait till after xmas - i'm trying really hard to not get stressed.

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Samsara said...

I love that pirate bag :-)