Saturday, December 22, 2007

so what was I afraid of?

I can knit. Actually, I knit pretty well. There isn't much I can't knit.

except socks. i've had this stupid fear of socks forever... i love handknitted socks, and i got it into my head that i couldn't do socks.

dumb. really dumb.

the other day, in a craftster swap, I received some self-patterning, self-striping sock yarn and an intro to socks book from the lovely annchen, in sweden.

so this morning, with nothing on my needles, i decided to give it a go. i hate being afraid of things, would much rather face the fear and get over it.

and get over it, i did! check it out... by now, i'm nearly up to the toes on the first sock!

apparently, i can knit socks! how cool is that?


Samsara said...

Well done! Annchen sent me a diy sock knitting kit too, I've just started the heel flap, so you're a little further along than me - Christmas crafting has been getting in the way *lol* It's looking great though!

dragonflyducky said...

wooooo hooooo!
Of COURSE you can knit socks!
I think that is the exact same yarn I used to knit my first socks.