Thursday, December 20, 2007

Having friends is a wondrous thing

I've been having a tough time lately. Seems like for ages, actually, though on a calendar, it's probably only the last 2 years. Because of things out of my control, life has been pretty miserable, and it felt like it got a whole lot worse about a month ago.

Feeling pretty overwhelmed, by time and finances, I asked some friends of mine to please call a moratorium on the xmas crafting and sending of presents to each other.

my friend kerstin, bless her heart, ignored me. totally, completely, and i love her for it. she sent me this box for xmas (ok, i was a naughty child and opened it, but hey, hanukkah was over.... like a couple of weeks ago?)

and she made me socks. and send me some more homemade soap (to which i'm completely addicted, i'll never buy soap again). and she found this shawl pin that's a dragonfly, because i love dragonflies and have a mountain of lace weight yarn and plan on making shawls. a LOT of shawls.

and devil dogs. she can't even EAT them, and she sent me boxes of devil dogs.

kerstin, you're a wonderful person in my book. you took care of me when i wasn't even able to dig my way out to take care of myself. you have my love and friendship for your selfless act. thank you so much.

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dragonflyducky said...

Oh I am sooo happy you liked it...because being able to make and give to people you love is a blessing. It made me so happy that it made you happy ; )
Have I said the word happy enough? Happily running off to search for thesaurus.