Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finally Finished the Wings!

I started the Allete wings for my niece, back in October? and really just dragged my feet on the last steps - stitch up the channel, stick the wire in there, make the straps and be DONE with it!

so this morning, I'm working on non-knitted things... apparently, the ache in my shoulder that's increased for the past 7 months may be a complete tear of the rotator cuff.... hmmm injury by knitting? LOL!!

anyway, I finished the wings - yay me!

ok, on to the next unfinished symphony.... this is my weekend to FINISH things, so i can start more stuff!


dragonflyducky said...

Those wings are cute!
Be careful with your wouldn't want to permanently be off knitting- GASP!!!!

Samsara said...

Eeek! I had a rotator cuff injury - shredding caused by a damaged shoulder socket (which took them 2 years to discover!) - I ended up having to have surgery and it still bothers me, so look after it! The wings are great btw!

Laural said...

Be careful with your shoulder.

Those wings are adorable!

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