Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm thankful for my friends.

in today's mail, there was the usual. a bill. but it was only one bill, and for once, it wasn't a medical bill.

and there was a card, from a friend named Pat.

i used to work with Pat - and while occasionally, tempers would flare, i considered her then, and now, a good friend. we were co-workers, co-knitters, and friends. and while i left that particular place of employment, and ended up elsewhere, my friend has always been out there. we'd touch base occasionally, mostly keep track of each other on facebook, and occasionally send messages.

i got one of those messages today, in a card, in the mail.

Pat, thank you. you never have to apologize for not being a good friend. seriously. so i wanted to give you the shout out today.... for the card, for the kind thoughts, for the thoughts that you shared.

it reminds me that i'm not alone here. and i appreciate you.

Oh, and Pat? you should re-explore ravelry - it'll feed the knitting addiction!

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