Saturday, February 16, 2008

and the computer bites the dust

yup. i got it wednesday night. i made the recovery discs on thursday. friday morning, the cd drive wouldn't work. the motor wouldn't turn off.

packed it up, took it back, they confirmed that it was, indeed, psycho.... and gave me a whole new computer.

so last night,i spend the entire evening putting the NEW new computer up and running.... this one seems to be ok. got my basic programs installed again.

bought an enclosure for the old hard drive, to try to salvage the files on there (all those patterns.... )

wrong connectors. can't hook the hard drive up to the enclosure.

so that goes back tomorrow, and we'll try one more time...
and the worst case, i lose the files. that'll teach me!

so today, i've been working on clue 5 of the secret of the stole. this is still the thinnest yarn i've worked with, though i'm getting more comfortable working with it... i'm about halfway through, would still love to get the clue done by tomorrow, so i can be done with that for the week and get back to the cardigan.

time pressure... one more week till they fix my shoulder... i don't look forward to a sling, but i sure do look forward to it not hurting all the time...

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