Thursday, February 14, 2008

getting back to 'normal'?

been a very strange couple of weeks. one of the things was my computer. it failed. miserably. held back to repeat booting up 101. failed again.

i'm a computer pro. do you think i backed up my stuff regularly? do you think i thought to make the flippin' recovery discs?

yeah, right.

so i have a working computer over there now (points over shoulder) - and once i get all my stuff in working order, my work laptop will get a well-deserved rest (i hate this keyboard anyway)

right now.... i'm making the recovery discs. 3 discs in all. first things first.

who said you can't teach an old broad new tricks??

of course, this means i didn't get ANY knitting done last night. my poor cardigan must be feeling neglected!

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