Saturday, February 9, 2008

strange week

wow, what a week it's been. routine testing before having my shoulder fixed, and it looked like i was really REALLY ill. thankfully, i'm not. so now, we'll get the shoulder fixed.

on the needles... i have the carolyn cardigan from - pictures once there's something to see - still in the middle of the back, about 23 stripes into it.

clue 4 of the secret of the stole came out yesterday - and i actually managed to finish it tonight!

oh, and i'm working really really hard on not smoking - from about a pack a day (that's 20 in a pack for you non-smokers, though i was actually smoking about 15-17 per day), i'm now down to 2-3 a day. all in a week. thank the powers that be for knitting... it makes it easier to not smoke!


dragonflyducky said...

One addiction helps eliminate another huh? Cool! The shawl looks great...It looks like it will be a U-shaped one??? Finished the clues in one day huh? No wonder your shoulder needs surgery!

Samsara said...

Great work on the stole and the cardigan. Good luck for the operation. What day is it? I'll keep everything crossed for you :-)

Dulcinea said...

thanks for all the good wishes, Samsara. Surgery is the 25th, and probably a week or so of not being able to knit (though I'm still trying to work that one out!)

Trish said...

Good for you for quitting smoking. I kicked that habit years ago (from a pack a day habit) - the thing that did it for me? Having a long hard pull on a friends cigarette about 2.5 weeks after I quit. By then it was out of my system and oh man, it about made me throw up :) I can still remember the taste today. Blah. Loving your stole! So pretty. I am still only part way through clue 3, so I am stalking yours. Can't wait to see he next one!!