Saturday, February 23, 2008

counting down...

ok, so clue 6 came out yesterday. I'm pretty sure i'll have it done by tomorrow. maybe tonight, even. I've had such good luck keeping up in this KAL, i hate to see it all go down the tubes because of my shoulder.

nervous? who's nervous? i have a list of things i'd like to get done by tomorrow night, so i can deal with being in a sling for a while on monday and moving forward. and the BIG hope is that i can use my arm by friday, when clue 7 comes out.

Nautical Knitter, DK, (isn't that sad, i don't even know your name!) - see what you've done to me? i love this KAL, i'm loving the stole, and i do NOT want to fall behind because of arthroscopy. what's a little arthroscopy between friends, anyway?

yeah, i'm nervous. i keep telling myself, it'll be ok. let's hope i'm right.

on the other needles, i still have the carolyn sweater. at thia point, i've finished the back, the 2 fronts, and i am nearing the beginning of the raglan shaping on the first sleeve... that one, i'm not stressing over, because there's nothing to 'keep up' with. i just do it when i want to. which is most of the time i'm not working on the stole. LOL, face it, i'm hopeless addicted to knitting things.... at least they're pretty, and useful things though!

so that's it for now... 2:41 on a saturday, i have maybe 20 rows left of the clue for the stole? no idea.... but it's getting there. pictures when i get this clue done.

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