Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 20

Today is day 20.

I had a dream last night that i brushed my hair, and big fluffy clumps came out in the brush. can you tell i'm stressing about it falling out?

but I woke up this morning, and still have hair... so i have a bit more time before the big shave, I guess

aside from that, i'm hanging in there... it's very strange to not be going to work every day, and i still see all the work emails on my tablet (when i'm playing candy crush) - and i accept that i really needed to do this, to go on disability, and basically conserve my strength to go through the weekly chemo.. friday will be #4 - and if i've calculated correctly (which i should really check with the doctor), i think i'll have 24 treatments, which is essentially 8 rounds...

right after labor day, we do a CT scan to see how things are... and then, presumably, add tamoxifen to the mix. i did a bunch of research, and this is a common protocol for recurrent lung cancer, and seems to show really promising results... my oncologist says it'll help make medical history, which is kind of a cool thought

if you haven't read "the immortal henrietta lacks" (the title is that, or something similar) - go read it. really interesting stuff.

so that's the way it is in my world on day 20... happy wednesday!

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