Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today is Day 16

Had my 3rd dose of chemo yesterday... was an interesting day!

First, I was denied SS Disability, because i'm working.

let's think about this. i have to work to support myself and my family, and i cannot stop working unless i have an alternate form of income.
ss disability would have provided the alternate source of income.
but they turned me down because i'm working.


so i had a talk with a disability specialist, and apparently i 'scared' her (her words) - the end result was she found a way to do this, and came TO THE HOSPITAL CHEMO (they never do that) to help fill out a new application -

as of 5 pm yesterday, i am on medical leave from my job - i talked to them about it the day before, it was no surprise, and they are supportive (one comment i got was "good for you!")

medical disability is insurance (a percentage of my pay), not earnings.... so qualifies me for ss disability which picks up enough to cover the rest of my salary.

so money-wise, it's a wash, and i can continue to support myself and my family, it still maintains my health and life insurance, so it's all good.

and i am relieved from 200-300 in gasoline expenses for the next 6 months, while I continue chemo.

so i'm the idle non-rich now. and i can work on getting better, and spend time with my kids, and treat myself gently.

today is day 16 - my hair is still attached to my head, which is a good thing... but we know there will come the day that i get up out of bed, and my hair will not come along for the ride. i dread that day, i know it's coming, i'll try to handle it with as much grace as possible.

chemo nausea hit yesterday for the first time.... could be i just didn't eat enough (this chemo seems to be killing my appetite, and the steroids are not making me eat all the foods) - so trying to remember to eat regularly, even if i don't want to.... drink my 2 quarts of water dosed with l-glutamine to prevent the peripheral neuropathy (so far successful), and the other supplements recommended to keep me healthy - pre-natal vitamins, vit b-12, vit d, magnesium, probiotics for my stomach and immune system. doc approves them all, and so far, they seem to be helping.

off to the farmer's market for some fresh veggies till my garden produces more, and we're cooking mom's potted/roman chicken tonight. we love her cooking!

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