Thursday, August 29, 2013

It Never Ends!

There's this car. 2002 Kia Rio. Originally, it was my son's. then it was my daughter's.

since July 15, the car started having problems. the tachometer would flip up and down, up and down, the engine would try to stall.

while coasting down a hill, in neutral.

first, we took it to a local guy who came highly recommended. after 4 days, he called and said come get the car, he has no idea what's wrong with it, take it to kia.

so we did.

as of today, we've been to kia 6 different times. they've replaced the crankshaft position sensor.

they've replaced the air mass flow sensor. twice.

now, they've replaced the knock sensor.

and driving it home on tuesday from picking it up from visit number 6? it did it again.

we've had the car in 6 times. we've spent nearly $700 on the sensors, none of which fixed the problem.

i spoke to kia corporate. they tell me that the kia is an independently owned and operated business, so there isn't a whole lot they can do. they'll pass my concerns "with your permission" (she said that about 6 times) to the district manager who oversees that kia.

meanwhile, the car is still doing the same thing. there is NO WAY we can afford to get another car. we gotta get this one fixed.

and so far, i haven't been approved for disability. i haven't been approved for the short term disability from work. i haven't been approved for any of the assistance programs to which I have applied, and continue to apply.

like i didn't have enough to worry about?

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