Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 21 and counting...

well, it's been 3 full weeks - though technically 1 full cycle. i still have hair.

I know i keep obsessing about the hair... i'm sorry if i'm getting boring about it. i'm truly terrified of the whole bald thing.

see..... i'll LOOK sick. and people will ASSUME i'm sick. and they're likely to treat me differently because of it. i think that's what bothers me the most.

so tomorrow is chemo #4 - or, the beginning of round 2 - it all depends on how you count, i guess.

i try to walk some every day.... it's supposed to help. and i'm drinking what feels like gallons and gallons of water... i think i'm waterlogged by now!

and when it's quiet, like now, with my daughter off visiting friends, and my son at work... i have to admit. it's nice to put on my jammies, and just lay down for a while.

i don't know who the readers are, of this blog... to me, i'm just putting stuff out there in the ether, because i feel like i want/need to make a mark somewhere... i don't want to fade into the sunset, and have there be no mark that i existed.

so if i've made you smile, or given you a hug, or knitted with you, or something....... whatever.... then i thank you. for that brief moment, i left a mark on the world, and hopefully, it was a good one.

off to pack up stuff for the chemo cafe... it goes so fast, but seems to take so long.........


Dorothy said...

I just wanted you to know I am one of those invisible people who read your blog and admire your knitting too, and that I wish you the very best results and keep you in my prayers each day!! I am also on
Ravelry and knit to manage my stress level; but I in no way have the stress you must be experiencing with the chemo and your illness. I am glad you are able to be off work and devote 100%to getting better!! xo..Dorothy P.

Dulcinea said...

Hi Dorothy, and thanks for dropping a note.... for me, it's so strange, i'm such a 'behind the scenes' person for the most part.... and to see the numbers of people reading my blog, and i have no idea who any of them are!!

so thank you, and it's very nice to 'meet' you.