Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mom's Potted Chicken

Mom came up here to help when I had my first surgery, 5 days in the hospital, and then home - she stayed until she was confident i could function without her....

one of the meals she made for the kids and me, which we loved, is her potted chicken, which she also calls roman chicken.

I'm making a batch right now, because it's SO good, there's about 10 pieces of chicken in it (i cut the breast parts in half).... tri-color of peppers (no green ones), some garlic, some bacon....

we'll have a great dinner tonight, served over rice, with extra meals ahead for when i just don't feel like cooking.

So here's my mom's recipe, complete with minor typos, because we love mom. when she talked about doing this in a large skillet, we tend to use the enameled or cast iron dutch oven, so all cooking, and then the time in the oven, can all take place in the one large pan.


1/2 lb bacon
cut up chicken (some dark meat)
salt and pepper
combination of peppers (not green) cored, and large dices
2-4 cloves of garlic (chopped
1 15 oz diced tomatoes
l T oregano
1T basil
1/cup of white wine or chicken broth

Pre Heat oven to 225 degrees
In a large skillet prepare the bacon, remove and crumble

Pat chicken dry and Salt and pepper skin side first, brown in bacon drippings about 2 season and turn over...remove to.

Put peppers in same pot on lover flame for 10 mins until tender then add the garlic remove

deglaze the pan with wine scraping with wooden spoon....replace chicken, garlic add tomatoes and top with bacon then add the herbs....put in a 225 oven, covered, for 1 hour let cool ...when you are ready to serve reheat...

Best served over rice, or buttered noodles.

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