Sunday, March 2, 2008

desperately seeking a new project!

isn't it funny, the closer i get to the end of a project, the slower i go? i don't know if it's just me or if loads of people are like that... honestly, i could have had this done last night... but procrastinated.

on the other hand, i wasn't going to give myself permission to start anything new until i finished this one!

so there you have it. my carolyn sweater.

project details: i made this in a medium, based on the measurements in the pattern - the small just seemed as thought it would have been snug. i should have made the small. either i'm a whole lot smaller than i realize, or the measurements were way off. i didn't bother measuring my finished sweater, what's the point?

the wool was the peruvian wool called for, from the elann site. 6 of the main color, 5 of the second color.

i'm pretty sure i knit right about on gauge - i ordered precisely the amount of wool called for in the sweater - did NOT get an extra skein of either color, which i don't recommend doing, by the way - it gets a bit stressful... as i was doing the front edging/placket, i got the 6 rows, did the button holes, and the pattern calls for 2 more rows of the navy, and i'm looking at this really small ball of yarn... ok, so i do one more row, because if i'm 1 row short (which was looking pretty likely), it won't be really noticeable. do that row, and i still have this small ball of navy - so i arm stretch measured it (1 arm span is about a yard, give or take) and i have about 10 yards left. 360 inches, roughly. and i have about that many stitches. hmmm, an inch a stitch? what's the worst that happens, i have to rip out the last row because i don't have quite enough? (now you see why you should always get an extra skein, especially of the main color!)

anyway, i got that last row in. with about 2 yards to spare. huh. had about half a skein of the green left, btw.

the wooden buttons were from a personal swap with a lovely lady in Iceland - so they're authentic Icelandic buttons... she sent a packet of them that was just the right size button and just the right number of buttons. of course, if i break one of the buttons, i have to replace them all.

here she be - now i need to start something else....

oh, and please ignore the hand print on the mirror - that was apparently my teenage son's contribution, and he'll be cleaning mirrors today!

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