Sunday, March 2, 2008

new projects and indecision

LOL, i needed a new project. Leah, my adopted sister (i adopted her), sent me the book with the tuscany shawl in it... and i've been wanting to make that for ages and ages....

small problem figuring out what wool to use, as you can see....... (i removed this from ravelry cause it was too bloggy for there)

3/2 - cast on (using some fabulous wool i had dyed with koolade yarn, blues and greens). this appears to be something repetitious, so i should be able to just move along on it

3/2 - realized that the koolade yarn is only 440 yards (compared it to my bare yarn that still had labels.. love the weight, just not enough yardage)... so going to dye up some other laceweight in turquoise and green, and when that's dry, use that.

3/2 - i'm so decisive today - I have a great variegated blues laceweight that was dyed for me by Javede in a personal swap ages ago - and never knew the right project for it. Let's see, this needs 820 yards, and I have 880 yards (compared it to my other bare weight yarn to make sure) - so we're off and running, and i'm FINALLY past the halfway mark of the first 16 row chart! (couple of false starts in there)

LOL!! and i dyed up the green/turquoise, so that's hanging to dry - 1760 yards, so that's enough to make any number of wonderful shawls (or 2 of the tuscany)

LOL!! ok, so i'm finally working on this.... and i decided that leah needs to have a handknit pair of socks... so went into my sock stash and picked out yarn for that - she'll get the sock of doom, cause the yarn is real pretty just as it is!

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dragonflyducky said...

The shawl will be so pretty-the colors in the yarn are beautiful!